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Elevin is a combined hormonal contraceptive pill. If you take it correctly, it’s very unlikely that you’ll get pregnant. It contains two hormones: a progesterone and an oestrogen.

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Elevin is a combined contraceptive pill that’s made up of two hormones: a progesterone and an oestrogen. If you use it correctly, it’s extremely effective at preventing pregnancy (more than 99% effective).

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How does Elevin work?

The two hormones in Elevin, levonorgestrel, a progesterone, and ethinylestradiol, an oestrogen, prevent ovulation, which is when an egg is released by the ovaries.[1] They signal to the body that ovulation has already taken place, and so an egg isn’t released (a sort of hormonal trickery, if you like).

They also make the lining of the cervix thicker, so that it’s a lot more difficult for sperm to travel through the cervical fluid and fertilise an egg.

The lining of the uterus is made thinner too, which means that it’s harder for a fertilised egg to attach itself to the lining and develop. You may get lighter or more frequent periods as a result of this.

Is Elevin a daily pill?

For the most part, yes. Elevin is a 21-day pill, so you take it every day for 3 weeks and then have 7 pill-free days. To get the most protection from Elevin, you should take it at the same time each day, on the day of the week printed beside each pill on the strip.

So they’re the basics.

How effective is Elevin?

Very. Taken exactly as it should be, Elevin is very effective when it comes to stopping pregnancy. Less than 1 in 100 women who use it as a contraceptive will get pregnant in 1 year.

The chances of you becoming pregnant are slightly greater if you sometimes miss a pill, for example, or if you don’t take it according to the instructions. These things happen, and it’s easily done. But you should always try to use it as instructed in the leaflet that comes with your pill.

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What you need to know about Elevin

What is Elevin?

Elevin is a combined oral contraceptive pill made in the UK by MedRx. The two hormones in it help to stop ovulation from happening, and so prevent a woman from getting pregnant. It’s sometimes called a monophasic pill, which is just a posh way of saying that each pill has the same amount of hormone in it.

What’s the difference between Elevin and a 28-day pill?

Is Elevin available over the counter?

How can I buy Elevin online?

How to take Elevin pills

You should follow the direction of the arrow on the strip until you’ve taken all 21 pills, and take them according to the days of the week which are indicated on the strip. For example, if you start taking Elevin on a Wednesday, take a pill with ‘WED’ printed beside it.

If you start taking Elevin on the first day of your period, you will get immediate protection from becoming pregnant. You can also start to take it on days 2-5 of your cycle, but in these circumstances you must use extra protection, such as a condom, for the first 7 days while the pill takes effect.

It may be that you’re switching to Elevin from another pill. In which case, you should start taking it the day after you took your last active pill. If you’re switching to Elevin from a vaginal ring or patch, our prescriber can advise you on how to manage this.

Take one pill for 21 days at the same time every day.

You can take Elevin either with or without food, and with a small amount of water if you need to.

Follow the instructions in the patient information leaflet that come with your treatment before you start taking Elevin.

What if I miss an Elevin pill?

Can I delay my period with Elevin?

What if I take more pills than I should?

What are the most common side effects of Elevin?

As is the case with many combined contraceptive pills, headaches are very common when taking Elevin. Bleeding and spotting between periods are other particularly common side effects.

For most women, these side effects are mild, and disappear after a few weeks. But if you find that they persist, or if you experience any side effects that cause you discomfort, contact our prescriber. They may advise you to switch to a different pill, and they can suggest alternative options. With an EveAdam subscription, all you need to do is log into your account and leave a message for our clinician to pick up.

If you experience any severe side effects, you should seek emergency medical attention immediately. You can find more information on when to see a clinician in the patient information leaflet that comes with your treatment.

Can Elevin cause serious side effects?

Can Elevin cause weight loss or weight gain?

Is Elevin safe to take if you have high blood pressure?

What’s the difference between Elevin and the progestogen only pill?

The progestogen only pill is a little different to Elevin as it only contains one hormone, progestogen, which is a form of progesterone. There’s no oestrogen in the progestogen only pill, so if you can’t take a combined pill because of the oestrogen in it, this type of pill may be more suitable for you.

Like Elevin, and other combined contraceptive pills, the progestogen only pill is more than 99% effective when it’s taken correctly. But rather than taking a pill for 21 days and then having a 7-day break, or taking 7 placebo pills for 7 days at the end of a strip, you take an active progestogen only pill every day, with no breaks between packs of pills.

If I want to switch from Elevin to another treatment, what should I do?

Elevin safety information

You should always read the patient information leaflet that comes with your treatment before use. If there’s anything that’s unclear, just ask our prescriber. 

Read more Elevin safety information

Can Elevin interact with other medications?

Like other combined contraceptive pills, Elevin can interact with other medications, and some treatments may impact on its effectiveness.

If you are using other medications, or if you have used other medications recently, it’s very important that you let our doctor know about them during your consultation.

Read more about interactions and the combined pill here. 

Is Elevin suitable for everyone?


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