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Femodette ®

Femodette is a combined contraceptive pill. It’s very effective at preventing pregnancy if you take it correctly.

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Treatments from only £7.49 per month

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Femodette is a combined contraceptive pill. It contains two hormones called (brace yourself) ethinylestradiol and gestodene. These mimic the hormones oestrogen and progesterone in the body to help prevent pregnancy.

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How does Femodette work?

Like other hormonal contraceptive pills, Femodette reduces your risk of getting pregnant in three ways.

The two artificial hormones in it signal to the body that ovulation has already happened, which stops the ovaries from releasing an egg. The hormones also cause the mucus in the cervix to become thicker, making it harder for sperm to fertilise an egg, and make the lining of the uterus thinner. It’s more difficult for a fertilised egg to attach itself to the womb and grow in these conditions.

Because the lining of the uterus doesn’t build up as much when you use hormonal contraceptive pills, you may find that your periods are lighter too.

What type of pill is Femodette?

It’s known as a 21-day pill, so you’ll take it on a 21-day basis. There are other ways of taking it, including on a continuous basis, or on a more extended basis. But talk to the prescriber about these two methods first if you want to take your pill in this way.

If you take Femodette on a 21-day basis, you take it for 21 days and then have a 7-day break before starting your next strip of pills.

If you take it on a continuous basis, you take it every day, with no break between one strip of pills and the next.

And if you take it on what’s called an extended basis, you take it every day for 9 weeks followed by no pills for the next 4 or 7 days.

What is the generic name for Femodette?

Millinette, made by Gedeon Richter, is another version of Femodette, which is the branded product made by Bayer.

Millinette works in the same way as Femodette, and is just as effective. But the packaging, how the pill looks, and the manufacturer are different. Millinette is also slightly cheaper.

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What you need to know about Femodette

What is Femodette?

Femodette is a low-dose combined contraceptive pill. It contains a lower dose of oestrogen than some other combined pills, so it may be particularly suitable for women who are more sensitive to the hormone, or for women who are prone to more side effects with higher doses of oestrogen. 

The two artificial hormones in Femodette adjust the body’s menstrual cycle slightly, which makes pregnancy a lot less likely. 

How effective is Femodette?

What ingredients are in Femodette?

What dosages of Femodette can you get?

How can I buy Femodette online?

How to take Femodette pills

Femodette comes in strips of 21 pills, and each pill is marked with a day of the week. You should take one pill at the same time every day, according to the day of the week printed on the strip. Follow the arrow on the strip until you have no more pills.

You can swallow each pill with water if you need to, but don’t chew it.

If you choose to take Femodette on a 21-day basis, once you’ve taken all 21 pills in the strip, take a 7-day, pill-free break from it. Within a few days of taking the last pill from the strip, you should experience a withdrawal bleed, which may not have finished by the time you’re ready to start your new strip.

Provided you’ve taken the pills correctly and start the next strip when you should, you don’t need to use any additional contraception like a condom during this 7-day pill-free window.

Start your next strip after the 7-day pill-free break, even if you’re still experiencing some bleeding. If you’re taking Femodette correctly, you’ll always start a new strip on the same day of the week.

If you’d prefer to take Femodette on a continuous basis (taking it every day, with no breaks between strips) or on an extended basis (taking it every day for 9 weeks, followed by no pills for 4 or 7 days), discuss this with our prescriber during your consultation, who can advise you on the process.

What if I miss a Femodette pill?

What if I lose a Femodette pill?

Can Femodette prevent periods?

Common Femodette side effects

Common side effects include feeling sick, headaches, mood swings and feeling depressed. You may also experience pain or sore breasts.

If you find that any of these symptoms persist, or if you get any side effects that cause you more discomfort, let our prescriber know. They may suggest switching to a different pill. You just need to log into your EveAdam account and send them a message.

If you get any severe side effects, you should seek emergency medical attention as soon as possible. You can find more information on when to see a clinician in the patient information leaflet that comes with your treatment.

Does Femodette cause weight gain?

Can Femodette help with acne?

Does the combined pill cause mood swings?

What’s the difference between Femodene and Femodette?

Femodene, like Femodette, is a 21-day combined hormonal contraceptive pill, and contains the same two artificial hormones, which work in the same way in the body. Both pills are also made by Bayer.

The difference is that Femodette contains less oestrogen, so it may be the more suitable option for women who are sensitive to oestrogen, or who are more likely to get side effects from taking larger amounts of oestrogen.

What Femodette generics can you get?

If I want to switch way from Femodette, what should I do?

Femodette safety information

It’s very important that you read the patient information leaflet that comes with your treatment before you start taking Femodette.

If you’re unsure about anything, just let our prescriber know and they should be able to help.

Can Femodette interact with other medications?

As is the case with other combined contraceptive pills, Femodette can interact with other forms of medication, and some treatments may make it less effective.

If you have recently used, or are currently using, other medications, it’s very important that you tell our clinician during your consultation.

Read more about the combined pill and interactions.

Is Femodette suitable for everyone?


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