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Levest ®

Levest is a 21-day combined pill. When you take it right, it’s very unlikely that you’ll get pregnant.

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Treatments from only £5.83 per month

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Levest is a pill used in contraception. It’s a 21-day pill, which means you take it three weeks on, one week off. When you take it exactly right, your chances of getting pregnant are pretty slim.

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Is Levest a combined pill?

Yes. Levest is a type of pill with two hormones in:  a progestogen and an oestrogen. It’s a 21-day pill, so you get a week break from taking it at the end of every pill cycle.

How do these hormones work? Well, pretty much by tricking your body into thinking ovulation has already happened. Without ovulation, there’s no egg to be fertilised. And even if an egg does sneak out, these hormones also make cervical mucus thicker so sperm can’t find a way through to them.

Bonus: these hormones also stop the lining of the womb from getting thick. This means a fertilised egg can’t implant as easily, and that your periods are probably going to be lighter.

Does Levest come in a low dose?

Not exactly. There are lower dose alternatives, but they’ll be called something else. Levest 150 30 (so that’s 150 micrograms levonorgestrel and 30 micrograms ethinyl estradiol) is the only dose of Levest pill there is at the moment.

You can get a pill called Logynon. It’s almost the same as Levest but with a lower dose given in phases. There’s another pill called Gedarel that is slightly different but has a lower oestrogen dose. So if you take Levest and you feel like it might be giving you side effects, there are alternatives.

How effective is the Levest pill?

Very. As long as you take it correctly (every day at the same time), your chances of getting pregnant are less than 1% over a whole year.

If you make the odd mistake, like missing a pill, the chances of you getting pregnant rise a bit to around 9% over a whole year.

If you miss more than one pill in a pack (two days in a row for example) your protection is lowered and you’ll need to use condoms for a week. So it’s always a good idea to take it as close to perfectly as you can.

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What you need to know about Levest

What is Levest?

The Levest pill is a combined contraceptive. It’s manufactured by a company called Morningside. There are 21 pills in a pack. You take them daily for 21 days, at the same time, then have a 7 day break, then start the next pack, and repeat.

There are two hormones in Levest, which is why it’s called a combined pill.  

Is Levest an effective contraceptive?

How do the hormones in Levest work?

Is Levest like other combined pills?

Is Levest safe?

How can I buy Levest online?

How to take Levest

Take one Levest tablet each day, for the first 21 days of your cycle (there’s a little set of arrows on the strip to help you keep track of the days). Then, have seven pill-free days, before starting on your next pack, and repeat.

It’s best to take it at the same time each day, so it can be helpful to set yourself a reminder or include taking your Levest pill in your bedtime or morning routine.

When to start Levest

What to do if you miss a Levest pill

Can you take Levest without a break?

Coming off Levest

Does the Levest pill stop your period?

What are the most common Levest side effects?

More common side effects of combined pills include nausea, stomach ache, weight gain, headaches, mood changes or tender breasts.

Levest is in the safest category of combined pills. It’s less likely than some other pills to cause headaches, heavy bleeding, fluid retention, tiredness, nausea and irritability. But it’s more likely with Levest than with other pills to get low sex drive and vaginal dryness.

Most women find that milder side effects pass after a few weeks of taking a new pill. A lot of the time side effects are just a sign of your body adjusting to the hormones.

What should I do if I get side effects with Levest?

Does the Levest pill cause weight loss?

Will I get acne with Levest?

What should I do if I’m not happy on Levest?

Sign in your EveAdam account and let the prescriber know. You can get advice from them on other pills that might be better for you (or less likely to cause side effects if you’re getting them).

There are plenty of other combined pills that are just as effective but have a different derivation of hormones in them. Logynon is very similar to Levest only with a phased, lower dose.

If you’re having more noticeable side effects on the combined pill, there’s also the progestogen-only (mini) pill. This doesn’t contain any oestrogen, so doesn’t have the same risk of side effects caused by this hormone.

Is Levest the same as Rigevidon?

Levest and Microgynon: What’s the difference?

Safety info

Always read the leaflet that comes with your pill before taking it. You can download an electronic version of the Levest leaflet below, but the most up-to-date version will always be the one in the box.

Levest 150/30 patient information leaflet

Levest warnings

Tell the prescriber about any medical conditions you have. Women with certain conditions may not be able to take Levest, or only use it under close supervision.

It’s particularly important for the prescriber to know if you have ever had:

  • any blood clots or blood clotting problems;
  • any heart or liver problems;
  • severe diabetes;
  • high blood pressure;
  • angina;
  • a stroke;
  • a protein-deficiency;
  • migraines;
  • any kind of cancer;
  • unexplained or unusual vaginal bleeding.

More information on combined pill warnings and contraindications.

Levest and other medicines


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