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Lizinna ®

Lizinna is a combined birth control pill. When you take it, it’s very effective at making sure you don’t get pregnant.

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Treatments from only £7.99 per month

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Why Lizinna? Well. The main things people want from an oral contraceptive is reliability, ease of use and minimal side effects. For the vast majority of women, Lizinna ticks all those boxes. It’s in the safest category of pills, gives you over 99% protection against pregnancy, and it’s just one tablet, once a day, for 21 days out of 28.

It can’t get more simple than that.

Wait, scratch that – it can.

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How does the Lizinna contraceptive pill work?

A combined pill, so two hormones that work like progesterone and oestrogen. These hormones do a little number in your body to trick it into not ovulating. No ovulation = no egg = no baby. They also stop your uterine wall from getting thicker. This means no implantation for any stray fertilised eggs (just in case) but also lighter periods. And there’s the matter of mucus in the cervix too. The pill makes this more dense, so sperm can’t traverse their way to an egg as easily.

How safe is Lizinna?

Lizinna is actually in the safest category of combined pills. Blood clots are rare anyway with the pill, but women taking Lizinna are even less likely to get a blood clot than they are with some other formulations.

How effective is Lizinna?

With perfect use, Lizinna offers more than 99% protection against pregnancies, which means less than one woman in 100 will get pregnant while using Lizinna over the course of a year.

By the way perfect use = taking the pill on time every day.

If you make an occasional faux pas – so miss a pill, for example – it’s a little less effective. Around 91%.[1] So it’s better not to deviate from the instructions, and to get into the regular routine of taking it.

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What you need to know about Lizinna

What is Lizinna used for?

Birth control, first and foremost. It stops you from getting pregnant by altering the hormonal cycle slightly.

But Lizinna has other benefits too. It isn’t primarily prescribed for heavy or painful periods, but combined pills like Lizinna can help to make these more regular and manageable.

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How does Lizinna work?

What ingredients are in Lizinna?

How to buy Lizinna online

How to take Lizinna

Take one Lizinna pill at the same time every day. It should be swallowed whole with water. Lizinna comes in strips of 21, each with the day of the week marked on them. At the end of the 21 tablets per strip, you should take a seven day break, during which you will experience a withdrawal bleed. On the following day after your break, you should start the next strip of 21 tablets.

When to start taking Lizinna

What should I do about Lizinna missed pills?

About Lizinna side effects

Lizinna pill side effects, when they do occur, are usually mild and often subside as the body gets used to the new levels of hormones. In rare cases, however, they can be more serious, so it’s vital that you know what these are and to seek immediate medical attention if any occur while you’re taking this treatment.

What are the most common Lizinna side effects?

When to see a doctor about side effects

Does the Lizinna pill cause weight gain?

Is Lizinna similar to other combined contraceptive pills?

Yes. There are quite a few different types of combined pill, and usually several manufacturers making their own versions of each type.

So there are many combined contraceptive pills to choose from, some with exactly the same active ingredients as Lizinna. There are others with different dosages and types of progesterone.

Lizinna is very similar to Cilest (discontinued) and Cilique. There are also other pills that are slightly weaker versions of Lizinna with a lower dosage of hormones.

Some of these pills will be easier or more difficult for some women to tolerate, while others won’t cause any problems. A little bit of trial and error might be required before you find the right pill for you.

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Lizinna safety information

Always refer to the patient information leaflet that comes with the pill before use.

When not to use Lizinna

More detailed information on Lizinna contraindications can be found here.

You should avoid using Lizinna if you have: a history of blood clots, disorders that lead to protein deficiencies, have had or are about to undergo an operation that will leave you off your feet for a prolonged period of time, a history of strokes or heart attacks, angina, severe diabetes, severe hypertension, high levels of blood fat, migraines with auras, breast cancer, liver cancer, severe liver disease, hepatitis C and its treatments or allergies to any of Lizinna’s ingredients.

Lizinna and other medicines


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