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Rigevidon ®

Rigevidon is a combined contraceptive pill you take once daily. It makes your chances of getting unexpectedly pregnant very (incredibly) slim.

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Rigevidon is a combined oral contraceptive pill. That’s a med-speaky way of saying it has two hormones in it that make the chances of getting pregnant pretty remote.

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What is Rigevidon?

Rigevidon is a birth control pill that offers over 99% protection from pregnancy (as long as you take it properly).

So what type of pill is Rigevidon? Answer: combined. Which basically means there are two hormones in it. They change your menstrual cycle and this makes it (a lot) less likely you’ll get pregnant.

Ovulation is one action it stops. So the part of your cycle where an egg is released – Rigevidon prevents this from happening. Another thing they do is make your uterine wall a little less sticky. This means on the off-chance you do release an egg and sperm fertilises it, it won’t cling on to this wall. And then there’s the cervical mucus part too. Combined pills make this thicker, and this acts like a wall for sperm so they can’t get to an egg.

Is Rigevidon safe?

Yes. In fact, it’s in the safest category of combined contraceptives pills. The reason for this is because it has a slightly lower associated risk of blood clots than other pills. Blood clots on the pill are rare anyway, but with Rigevidon they’re even rarer.

Is there more than one dosage of Rigevidon?

The Rigevidon pill is only available in one dosage, which is 30/150. You can get other pills that are the same but with a slightly higher level of oestrogen in phases, like Logynon or TriRegol. So if you take Rigevidon but need that little bit of extra relief from menstrual symptoms, you might be recommended one of these pills instead. You can get other pills that are like Rigevidon but with a lower dose, for example if you take Rigevidon and it causes side effects.

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What you need to know about Rigevidon

Is Rigevidon a combined pill?

It is. A combined pill is one that contains two synthetic hormones, so the combination of these active ingredients is referred to in the name. In Rigevidon, the hormones in it are ethinylestradiol (oestrogen) and levonorgestrel (progestogen).

What are the active ingredients in Rigevidon?

What are the uses of Rigevidon?

Does Rigevidon help acne?

How does Rigevidon work?

How effective is Rigevidon?

Can I order Rigevidon online?

How to take Rigevidon

The instructions for Rigevidon are easy to follow and should become second nature after a while. Each strip of Rigevidon pills is marked with the days of the week to ensure that you can keep track of what you have taken. You should take Rigevidon at the same time each day to get the full protection the treatment offers.

There are 21 pills in each pack. You’ll take these, one a day, then have a seven day break, and move on to the next pack.

Each tablet should be swallowed whole, preferably with water, and it’s recommended that you take it alongside something you do at the same time every day, such as just before bed or with breakfast.

When to start Rigevidon

What to do about a missed pill on Rigevidon

Can I take Rigevidon without a break?

Coming off the Rigevidon pill

What are the most common Rigevidon side effects?

Mild side effects are fairly common when you first start using the pill or switch to a new one. A lot of the time these go away on their own after a couple of months of use. But if these are a nuisance or persist, let your prescriber know and they’ll be able to discuss switching to a new pill with you.

Common Rigevidon pill side effects occur in up to one in ten patients and include: headaches, changes in mood, nausea and irregular bleeding.

For the most part, the combined pill is well tolerated, with very few minimal issues or none at all presenting for most that use it.[1]

The pill and weight gain: is there a link?

When to see a doctor about side effects

Mood changes on the pill

What are the alternatives to Rigevidon?

There are quite a few combined contraceptive pills to choose from, some with exactly the same dosages and active ingredients, others with lower dosages and others still with very different active ingredients.

Levest, Microgynon, Elevin, Maexeni and Ovranette are all the same chemically as Rigevidon. So it’s quite a common formulation of pill.

But it’s slightly different to other pills.

For example, the main difference between the Lucette pill and Rigevidon is the type of progesterone in the pill. For some women, this might be more (or less) suitable in helping to control menstrual symptoms.

Gedarel 30 and Rigevidon are really similar too, only the progesterone ingredient is a little different.

Is Microgynon the same as Rigevidon?

What if I want to switch to something completely different to Rigevidon?

Rigevidon safety information

Refer to the patient information leaflet before taking Rigevidon. You can download a copy of this below, but the most up to date version will be the paper one supplied with your pack.

More info

Rigevidon contraindications

You should not use Rigevidon if you have certain medical conditions, and in other cases you might need to use it with caution.

It’s very important for your prescriber to know about any medical conditions you have, so they can recommend the safest option for you.

Read more combined pill safety information.

Rigevidon and other medications


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