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Sunya ®

Sunya is a pill that’s super effective at reducing your risk of pregnancy. It’s good at making periods lighter too.

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Sunya is a combined hormonal contraceptive pill. Which is just a concise way of saying it contains two hormones that work like progesterone and oestrogen in the body. If you take it the way that you should take it, there’s less than a 1% chance that you’ll get pregnant.

At EveAdam, we like to make getting a prescription for Sunya super fast and easy. Have a consultation with our prescriber, and then you can choose how often you’d like to receive your pill. Our registered clinician will issue a prescription for you, which is then dispensed by our pharmacy.

If it’s approved before 4pm, Sunya is there with you the next working day, dressed up in discreet packaging, knocking on your door.

How does Sunya work?

Like other combined pills, Sunya takes a tri-pronged approach to stopping pregnancy (it does three things basically).

The two hormones in it stop your ovaries from releasing an egg (ovulating) to protect you from pregnancy.

The mucus in the neck of the womb is also made thicker. We know ‘mucus’ isn’t everyone’s favourite word, but in this case it’s good, in that it makes it harder for sperm to travel to and fertilise an egg.

While the mucus in the cervix gets thicker, the lining of the uterus is made thinner. The uterine lining thickens naturally as your cycle progresses, and then breaks down when you have your period. But by keeping it thin, the combined pill makes it trickier for an egg to latch on to the uterine lining and develop.

When the uterine lining is thinner, it normally makes your periods lighter, and less sore too.

What type of pill is Sunya?

Sunya is what’s known as a ‘monophasic’ pill, which is a posh way to say that each pill in a strip has the same amount of hormones in it. It’s also sometimes referred to as a ‘21-day pill’, because you take one pill every day for 21 days (and then have a 7-day pill-free break).

How effective is Sunya?

Very. If you take it correctly. Over 99% effective, in fact. To break it down: for every 100 women that take Sunya over a 12 month period perfectly, less than 1 will get pregnant.

If you make mistakes when you take it though (it’s easily done), or if you miss pills here and there, it’s not quite as effective: around 91%. So around 9 women in every 100 will get pregnant over the course of a year. So it’s very important that you take it as instructed in the leaflet that comes with the pill.

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What you need to know about Sunya

Why is Sunya sometimes called Sunya 20 75?

It might sound a bit like a NASA satellite, but ‘Sunya 20 75’ is just Sunya. The ‘20 75’ digits just refer to the dosage of hormones that are in the pill: 20 micrograms of ethinylestradiol (which is a type of oestrogen) and 75 micrograms of gestodene (which is a type of progesterone).

Do I need a prescription for Sunya?

How can I buy Sunya online?

How to take Sunya

If you start taking Sunya on the first day of your period, you’ll get immediate protection from pregnancy. You can also start to take it on days 2-5 of your cycle, but you’ll need to use additional contraception such as condoms for the first 7 days.

Take 1 pill every day for 21 days at the same time. You can take Sunya either with or without food. Whichever you prefer.

Next to each pill is printed the day of the week. If you start taking Sunya on a Wednesday for example, take the pill with ‘Wednesday’ printed next to it. Follow the direction of the arrow on the strip until you’ve taken all 21 pills.

Once you’ve taken all 21 pills, take a 7-day, ‘pill-free’ break. Over this 7-day break, you should experience a bleed. On the ‘eighth’ day (that is, the day after your 7-day break), start a new strip, even if you’re still bleeding. This should mean that you start a new strip on the same day of the week each time.

What if I miss a Sunya pill?

Can I delay my period with Sunya?

What are the most common Sunya side effects?

Headaches, migraines, feeling sick and bleeding are some common side effects when taking Sunya. They usually go away after a few months, but if you find that they persist, or if you get side effects which are more severe, you should speak to a clinician. With an EveAdam subscription, you just need to log into your account and drop our prescriber a message. They may recommend that you try a different pill.

Does Sunya cause weight gain?

Can Sunya help with acne?

Can you get mood swings with the pill?

What’s the difference between Sunya and Millinette?

The only real differences between Sunya and Millinette are the packaging that the pills come in and the appearance of the pill itself. This is because Sunya is made by Stragen, while Millinette is made by Gedeon Richter.

Both pills contain the same hormones, which work in the same way in the body, but Sunya is only available in a 20/75 dose, whereas Millinette is available in an additional 30/75 dose. So if you’re less sensitive to oestrogen, or less prone to its side effects, the 30/75 dose of Millinette may be a good option for you.

Sunya is also slightly more expensive, but only slightly.

Are Sunya and Femodette the same?

If I want to switch from Sunya to a different pill, what should I do?

Sunya safety information

You should always read the patient information leaflet that comes with your treatment before you start to take Sunya. 

If anything is unclear to you, just drop our clinician or pharmacy prescriber a message. They should be able to answer any questions you may have. 

Can Sunya interact with other medications?

As is the case with other combined pills, Sunya can interact with other medications, and may impact on how effective they are in the body.

It’s very important that you tell our clinician during your consultation if you’ve recently used, or are currently using, other treatments.

Read more about the combined pill and interactions.

Is Sunya suitable for everyone?


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