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Evra Patch

Evra Patch works like the pill. It’s a small square patch you stick to your skin and change once a week.

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From £11.66 per patch

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What is the Evra Patch?

So imagine the stuff inside the pill that makes it work. You know, the hormones that prevent pregnancy. Now imagine if that was inside a sticky plaster you placed on your skin, and these hormones were released slowly into the body that way.

That’s basically Evra Patch.

One patch lasts for a week. So 1 patch = 7 pills, and 3 patches = 21 pills (or a month’s worth). That there is a whole bunch of daily pills you don’t have to remember to take. Which is why some women prefer the Evra contraceptive patch to the combined pill – it’s less hassle.

All you need to do is change the patch every week. Like the pill, you have a 7-day break every four weeks. So with the patch, it’s 3 weeks on, 1 week off.

As long as the patch stays on and you remember to change it at the right time, it’s very, very effective.[1] Perfect use of the Evra birth control patch means the chances of getting pregnant are pretty remote.

Where do I put Evra Patch?

Clean, dry skin on a buttock, the abdomen, upper outer arm or upper back. It’s better under clothes or in an area where clothes aren’t going to rub against it. You should never stick it on your breasts.

Once on, it’s pretty good at staying on. It’s designed to stay in place when showering, having a bath, swimming or exercising. But it’s a good idea to check after doing this type of stuff to make sure it’s still there.

Is Evra Patch known by any other names?

In other countries, yes. On the other side of the pond, it’s called Ortho-Evra. And there’s a similar, slightly stronger version over there called Xulane.

But in the UK, Evra Patch is the only birth control treatment of its kind. There are no other patches that are currently licensed for contraception. That means that there’s only one Evra Patch dosage too. So if you use Evra Patch but need that little extra bit of control over menstrual symptoms, you’ll need to switch to the pill.

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What is the Evra transdermal patch?

It’s a skin patch that you place on the skin on the buttocks, the abdomen, the outside of the upper arm or the upper back. It releases hormones into the body steadily over a week, which helps to prevent you from becoming pregnant.

A lot of women find the patch easier to use than the pill, because you only have to remember to do it every week (and not every day).[2] Like the combined pill, for the fourth week out of every four, you’ll have a week off where you’ll usually have a withdrawal bleed.

What are the hormones in Evra Patch?

Is Evra Patch a different price to the pill?

How can I buy Evra Patch online?

How to use Evra Patch

If you’re starting Evra Patch but aren’t already using hormonal contraception, you can start using it on any day of the month. You’ll be protected against pregnancy right away if you start using it on the first day of your period. If you start it on another day, after one or more days has passed since you started your last period, you’ll need to use barrier contraception like condoms for around a week while the hormones in the patch take effect.

If you’re switching from the pill, you can start using Evra Patch on the day you would normally start your next pill packet.

Stick the patch to a dry, unbroken area of skin with no hair. Evra Patch placement is recommended on the buttocks, abdomen, outer upper arm or on the upper back.

Replace the patch once a week, at the same time, on the same day each week. On the fourth week out of every four, you’ll have a patch free week.

Make sure you read the leaflet that comes with your patch for more detailed info before you start using it. 

What should I do if Evra Patch is peeling off?

Can I stop periods with Evra Patch?

Where can I find an Evra Patch leaflet?

What if I leave the Evra contraceptive patch on for too long?

What if I forget to apply Evra Patch?

Can I get pregnant on Evra Patch?

Evra Patch and breastfeeding

Are there any side effects with Evra Patch?

Some women who use Evra Patch may get side effects. It’s quite common for these to appear at the start, and go away on their own after a few weeks once your body has got used to the hormones in the patch.

More common side effects of Evra Patch include headache, nausea and tender breasts.

Read more about the side effects of combined birth control.

When should I see a doctor?

Will I get side effects when coming off Evra Patch?

Will I get a period after stopping Evra Patch?

Does Evra Patch cause weight gain?

Do people get acne on Evra Patch?

Are there other versions of Evra Patch?

In the UK, Evra Patch is the only skin patch available for contraception. At time of writing, there are no other contraceptive patches on the market.

In the US, the same patch is called ‘Ortho-Evra’. There’s also an alternative called Xulane, which has a slightly higher progestogen dose. But that isn’t available here.

What should I do if I don’t like the patch?

Safety info

Make sure you read the leaflet before using Evra Patch. You’ll get a paper copy of this in your box, but you can also download a version below.

Evra Patch leaflet

Who shouldn’t use Evra Patch

Not everyone can use combined contraceptive treatment, and for some women Evra Patch may not be suitable. Let your prescriber know about any conditions you have during your consultation. 

You most likely won’t be able to use Evra Patch if:

  • you’re allergic to any ingredients in the patch;
  • you have a history of blood clots;
  • you’ve ever had unexplained vaginal bleeding;
  • you have or have had any type of cancer that reacts to hormones;
  • you’ve had liver or kidney problems;
  • you get migraines with aura;
  • you have any condition that affects how well your blood clots, (such as a protein deficiency);
  • you’re taking certain treatments for hepatitis C;
  • you have or have ever had a heart attack, stroke or angina.

Read more about combined contraception safety info.

Evra Patch and other medicines


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