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You may know it as the mini pill or as the progestin-only pill. Either way, it’s the safe option for oestrogen-sensitive women, and gives you just as much protection.

Buy the progestin only mini pill online and get it delivered as often as you need it, with an EveAdam birth control subscription.

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What is the progestin only birth control pill?

Mini pills (or “progestin only birth control pills” if you generally like syllables) are a little different to what you might know as “The Pill”. Generally “The Pill” refers to combined birth control pills that contain two hormones, progestin and oestrogen. Progestin only tablets have just one hormone in them (a type of progestin).

They’re more suitable than the conventional combined pill for some women, because they don’t contain oestrogen. But there’s virtually no difference in how effective they are, as long as they’re taken correctly. 

You’ll take the progestin only pill without a break, every day of the month. Difference being that in combined pills, you’ll get 21 in a pack (or 21 with seven inactive pills). With mini pills, you get 28 in a pack (and they’re all active, so they all matter).

Do you need a prescription for the progestin only pill?

Yes. Hormonal birth control is prescription only in the UK. Before you start taking it, a doctor or prescribing practitioner will need to check your health and medical history to make sure it’s safe for you.

Consulting a prescriber and getting mini pill recommendations online is simple with EveAdam. Take our consultation and a UK prescriber will review your case, and suggest suitable birth control pills for you. 

All you need to do then is make your choice and set up your plan. You’ll receive your first package in one working day. Then you’ll get your refills sent as often as you choose (it’s that easy).

Can I get the progestin only pill on subscription?

You bet. With EveAdam you have the option to get the pill sent to you every 90 days, six months, nine months or 12 months. So you don’t need to think about refilling your prescription. We’ll make sure you’ll receive your mini pill before you run out.

After 12 months, our prescriber will check in with you to make sure the mini pill is working okay for you. If everything’s good, they’ll write a fresh prescription for you and send this to our preferred pharmacy, so you can carry on as before.

How does the progestin only mini pill work?

The progestin only pill works by thickening the mucus in the cervix. Yep, we know. Mucus isn’t everyone’s favourite word. But what this does is make it harder for sperm to travel through, and to fertilize an egg. 

There are different types of progestin in mini pills, such as desogestrel and norethisterone, and the effects can be slightly different. As well as working some mucus magic, a desogestrel pill can stop ovulation too. 

For the progestin only mini pill to work properly, it has to be taken at the same time every day. If you are late taking the pill, it counts as missing it. The missed pill window is shorter with the mini pill (3 hours) than it is with the combined pill (12 hours). Be sure to read the leaflet before you start.




Same ingredients, at the same dosage as Zelleta, Feanolla and Cerelle.



A 12-hour progesterone only pill like Cerazette, but it’s a generic pill, not a branded one.



Same pill as Cerazette, Cerelle and Zelleta.



Progesterone-only pill with a three-hour missed pill window.



Pfizer mini pill. Slightly different hormone to Cerazette.



12 hour missed pill window. Similar to Cerazette and Cerelle.

You may experience mini pill side effects when using birth control.

What you need to know about the progestin only pill

When to start taking the progestin only pill

If you’re not already taking the pill or using another form of hormonal contraception, you can start taking the progestin only pill at any point during your cycle. Or you can wait until you have your period. 

When you’re ready to start using progestin only birth control, pick a convenient time to take it because you’ll have to take it at this time every day. 

If you do wait for your period, and you start it within the first five days of your period, you’ll be protected from becoming pregnant right away. So you don’t need to worry about using the diaphragm or condoms.

You might need to use another method of birth control if you have a shorter period. Use condoms or the diaphragm until you’ve used the pill for two days. 

You won’t be protected against pregnancy right away if you start taking it at any other point during your cycle. So if you’re not on your period and start taking the progestin only pill, make sure you use extra protection like a condom for the first seven days you take it.

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