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Zelleta ®

Zelleta is a mini pill that provides close to 100% protection against unwanted pregnancies. Taken once daily, it’s easy to use, highly reliable and one less thing to worry about.

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Treatments from only £6.16 per month

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If you’re looking for an oestrogen-free contraceptive pill with a slightly more forgiving window for taking it a few hours late, then Zelleta might just be the choice for you.

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What is Zelleta?

Zelleta is a progesterone-only pill (mini pill for short) which is taken once daily at the same time – it doesn’t get any more simple than that. It’s easy to use, reliable and, because it doesn’t contain oestrogen, is well tolerated compared to many combined pills. And you don’t need to take a 7-day, pill-free break when you use it – just take one pill at the same time each day.

How does it stop you getting pregnant? Couple of ways. The main one is that it makes your cervical fluid thicker. So for sperm, swimming to an egg = quest thwarted.

Not all of the time but most, Zelleta stops ovulation as well. This is when your ovaries pop an egg out ready to be fertilised. No egg = no fertilisation = no conception.

It also stops your uterine wall from getting thicker. So the uterine wall is where a fertilised egg takes root and develops into a baby. When this wall stays thin, it means an egg can’t latch on there – but it also means your periods are lighter too. Most women on the mini pill find they don’t get a period at all while they’re on it.

How safe is the Zelleta pill?

Really safe. It’s a better option for women who can’t take combined pills, because of the oestrogen in them. So for example, if you get migraines (that’s one less headache to endure).

It’s also a safer pill for women who have a slightly higher blood clot risk – i.e. women who smoke and are over 35.

How effective is Zelleta?

Pretty much the same as the combined pill to be honest, so over 99% if you take it exactly right. That means that fewer than one in 100 women taking it this way will get pregnant on it over a whole year.

As with any contraceptive pill, this does mean taking it at the same time each day. But Zelleta does provide a 12 hour margin of error. Not all mini pills have this, so it is forgiving if you’re busy or a little bit forgetful (as we all can be sometimes).

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What you need to know about Zelleta

Zelleta and desogestrel: what’s the difference?

So think: active ingredient/drug name. That’s basically the difference between the two names. Desogestrel is the clinical name of the hormone. Zelleta is the name given to the pill by the manufacturer. There’s only one dose: Zelleta 75 micrograms. It’s the same dose as other desogestrel pills like Cerelle and Cerazette.

What are Zelleta tablets used for?

Will I get a period on Zelleta mini pills?

How does the Zelleta contraceptive pill work?

How to safely buy Zelleta online

How to take Zelleta

Oral contraception is popular because it’s easy to take and it’s reliable. Swallow one pill every day, at the same time, and you’ll be close to 100% protected against pregnancy. As timing and daily use is key, each pill has a day of the week marked above it. This allows you to keep track of what you have or haven’t taken.

How long does the Zelleta pill take to work?

What to do about a Zelleta missed pill

Does the Zelleta pill stop periods?

Zelleta and pregnancy: stopping the mini pill

How likely are Zelleta side effects?

There are common side effects associated with mini pill use, that affect up to 1 in 10 users. These tend to be mild and short lived when they do occur and include headaches, digestive issues, mood changes and breast tenderness.[1]

Spotting on Zelleta is fairly common when you first start using it.

Is there a link between Zelleta pill and weight gain?

When should I see a doctor about side effects?

What are the other options for mini pills?

If you’re taking Zelleta but want to change to something else because you’re experiencing side effects, there are some other mini pills available.

Zelleta contains 75mgs of desogestrel which is the same as Aizea, Cerazette and Cerelle - so switching to these isn’t likely to make much difference.

But there are also norethisterone (found in Micronor and Noriday) and levonorgestrel (found in Norgeston) pills available. They’ll offer the same level of protection, but may be more suited to you if you get side effects on Zelleta.

Is Zelleta the same as Cerazette?

Zelleta: other non-pill options

Zelleta Safety information

You should always read the patient information leaflet that comes with your treatment before you start to take Zelleta. 

If anything is unclear to you, just drop our prescriber a message. They should be able to answer any questions you may have. 

Zelleta leaflet

Zelleta health warnings

There are some circumstances where the use of Zelleta should be avoided. Tell your prescriber about any medical conditions you have during consultation so they can suggest safe and suitable options for you.

If you have a blood clot, or have ever had jaundice or a hormone sensitive type of cancer, the mini pill isn’t suitable for you.

There are other conditions that may mean your prescriber will want to proceed with caution or recommend a different treatment, for example if you’ve ever had: tuberculosis, hypertension, chloasma, epilepsy or diabetes.

More info on contraindications can be found here.

Zelleta and other medications


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