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Caverject ®

Caverject is an easy-to-use injection treatment for ED. It works from 5 minutes and lasts for up to an hour.

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Treatments from only £14.67 per injection

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Used ED tablets before but didn’t get the results you wanted? Then Caverject might be for you. It’s an injection that works locally in the penis to help improve blood flow and give firmer, longer-lasting erections.

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What is Caverject?

Caverject is an injectable treatment for erectile dysfunction. It can work well for men who’ve tried tablets before and found they haven’t worked. Men who can’t take tablets for a medical reason, such as an allergy, might also be able to use Caverject as an alternative. 

The drug works in a slightly different way to Viagra and other oral medications. Instead of using a PDE5 inhibitor, Caverject contains alprostadil which is a prostaglandin (or PGE1 for short). But the result is much the same: PGE1 dilates blood vessels, so blood can flow into the penis more easily. This helps you get and keep an erection that’s hard enough for sex. 

Who is Caverject for?

Caverject is intended for men who haven’t been successful at treating their ED symptoms with tablets. It’s also sometimes recommended for men who can’t take oral tablets for medical reasons. 

If you haven’t used tablets before and are looking for ED treatment, you’ll be advised to try tablets first if you can. Caverject is very simple to use once you’ve got the hang of it, but for people taking ED treatment for the first time tablets tend to be easier. 

What’s the difference between Dual Chamber and ‘Vials’?

One is a bit simpler to pre-mix. Caverject Vials are supplied as a powder and solution separately, which you mix manually using a different needle to the one you use to inject it into the penis.

In Dual Chamber, both compartments are contained within one plunger, and you mix them together by twisting a switch.

You can also get Caverject Vials in a higher concentration (40mcg) as well as in lower concentrations (10 and 20mcg). Caverject Dual Chamber is only available in 10 and 20mcg concentrations.

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What’s the starting dose for Caverject?

You can set the dose using the plunger you get with the injection, and your prescriber will advise you what dose to use. For most men, the starting dose of Caverject is 1.25-2.5mcg. When you first start Caverject, you’ll ‘titrate’, which means start off small and gradually increase the dose until you and your prescriber find the level that works best for you. The majority of men tend to find this is between 5 and 20mcg with Caverject.

How long does Caverject take to work?

How long does Caverject last for?

Can you get side effects with Caverject?

How can I buy Caverject online?

How effective is Cialis?

Cialis works well for most men within the first one or two attempts. Across 16 studies of over 3,000 patients, 81% of men taking tadalafil found it improved erections.

Broken down into different levels of impotence:

  • 86% of men who had mild ED reported improved erections
  • 83% of men who had moderate ED found tadalafil helped them with erections
  • and 72% of men who had severe ED reported better erections.

How effective is Cialis?

What are the most common Cialis side effects?

Some men who take Cialis do get side effects. 

You should make sure you stick to the instructions given by your doctor or pharmacist to minimise the chances of these happening.

The most common side effects men experience with Cialis are: headache; a blocked nose; upset stomach; hot facial flushing; and back pain.

What should I do if I get side effects?

When should I see a doctor?

What should I do if Cialis doesn’t work?

Talk to your prescribing clinician. They’ll either look at adjusting your Cialis dose, or see if a different medication might be more suitable for you.


Always read the patient information leaflet before taking this treatment.

Caverject Vials

Caverject Dual Chamber

Caverject side effects

Some people who use Caverject may get side effects. Make sure you read the leaflet for more information on what to look out for before you use Caverject. If you notice anything unusual, seek medical help right away.

Caverject warnings