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Estradot ®

Estradot is an effective treatment for women with moderate to severe symptoms of the menopause. It’s a HRT (hormone replacement therapy) patch that’s easy to use and effective.

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From only £9.44 per month

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What is the Estradot patch used for?

The Estradot patch is prescribed to treat symptoms of the menopause, those that occur after menstruation has stopped. It’s only suitable if you’ve had a hysterectomy or if you’re using a separate oral progesterone. 

Do I need a prescription for Estradot?

Yes. A doctor or pharmacist will need to monitor how your symptoms are progressing during treatment. What’s more, oestrogen only HRT, such as Estradot, can present significant health risks for some while being perfectly safe for others. 

Why buy the Estradot patch online?

In the UK, you’ll need a prescription to use Estradot, which means doctors appointments, waiting rooms and pharmacies, unless you buy it online. EveAdam provides a subscription service where you can buy it online and have it delivered as and when you need it. Just fill in the online questionnaire and one of our UK registered clinicians will offer a list of the most suitable treatments. 

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What you need to know about Estradot

What is Estradot?

Estradot is a HRT medication, or more specifically, a continuous form of HRT. That means it’s a patch that you wear every day (replacing the patch with a new one twice a week), and the hormone in it is released into the body continuously. Estradot is just one brand of one type of HRT, with various dosages and forms, including tablets and gels, also available. 

What is Estradot prescribed to treat?

What are the ingredients in Estradot?

Estradot dosages and why they’re prescribed

How does Estradot work?

How long Estradot takes to work

How to buy Estradot online from a UK pharmacy

Starting Estradot treatments

Instructions at the start of a treatment for Estradot will depend on a number of things. For example, if you’ve not been using HRT previously or the treatment was continuous and combined (containing two hormones), you can start using Estradot whenever you want.

If you’ve been using a cyclic or sequential treatment, you should start using Estradot on the first day of your cycle, which is the first day of bleeding. If you're not sure what type of HRT treatment you’ve been using, speak with your clinician, who will be able to advise you.

Where to apply Estradot patches

When to change your Estradot patch

What to do if you forget to change your patch

Can I cut the patch in half?

What are the most common Estradot patch side effects?

While side effects for the HRT patch are listed as very common (more than one in ten patients) they tend to subside as the body gets used to the treatment and are not usually serious. If you notice any side effects that are persistent, you should let your prescribing clinician know as they may need to adjust your treatment.

The most common side effects for Estradot include: local skin reactions where the patch is applied, headaches, breast pain and menstrual disorders.

When to seek medical help with Estradot

Allergic reactions with Estradot

Can Estradot cause weight gain?

Estradot alternatives and who should take them

Not only are there many different brands to choose from for HRT, but there are also different types, containing different hormones and combinations of hormones, not to mention dosages and forms that the treatment comes in (such as patches, gels and tablets). This may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but that’s where our subscription model helps, with our clinicians offering a range of relevant products to choose from.

Estradot is a solo (oestrogen only) HRT. As previously mentioned, it’s suitable for women who have had a hysterectomy and are postmenopausal, as well as women who are taking a seperate progesterone treatment. Other brands that contain the same active ingredient include Estraderm, Elleste Solo, Evorel, Oestrogel, Progynova, Sandrena, Premarin and Zumenon.

Estradot or Evorel?

Can lifestyle changes help?

Are natural treatments effective?


Before taking Estradot, you should always read the patient information leaflet that comes with your treatment

It’s important to know what the risks are, particularly if you have any other health issues or are taking other treatments or supplements that could cause interactions with HRT products. Your prescribing clinician will therefore need to know about all of these issues before prescribing Estradot.

When should I not use Estradot?

If you have or are prone to the following conditions you should not take Estradot: oestrogen influenced cancers, bleeding from the vagina that is unexplained, endometrial hyperplasia, blood clots, clotting disorders, heart attacks, strokes, angina, liver disease, porphyria, liver disease and allergies to any of its ingredients.

Estradot usage and other medications


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