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Evorel Conti is a combined HRT patch that helps to tackle menopausal symptoms. It’s also a secondary treatment for osteoporosis.

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Treatments from only £16.67 per month

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Evorel Conti is a combined continuous topical patch for HRT. Or speaking plainly, it’s a patch that has two hormones in it which are released into the body all the time, and they help to ease menopausal symptoms.[1] It’s a second-line treatment for osteoporosis too. 

We know what it’s like. Queueing for prescriptions at the pharmacy and chasing them up at the doctor’s can be a real drag. We’re cutting out the hassle. With an EveAdam subscription, you can buy your HRT online and get it delivered to your home. 

Once you’ve had your consultation with our registered clinician, you can choose your HRT treatment, and set up your own delivery schedule. Our prescriber will provide you with a prescription, and our pharmacy will dispense it. If it’s approved before 4pm, you’ll get your HRT as early as the next working day. And any repeats for Evorel Conti every month or 3 months after that.

What are Evorel Conti patches?

Evorel Conti patches are a combined HRT treatment. They’re suitable for women who have not had a period for at least 18 months.

They contain two different hormones, a type of oestrogen called estradiol hemihydrate, and a type of progesterone called norethisterone acetate. They’re not exactly the kinda terms you throw into everyday conversation, but their function is pretty simple: the oestrogen helps to keep symptoms of the menopause in check, whilst the progesterone reduces your risk of developing womb cancer (A.K.A endometrial cancer).

How does Evorel Conti work?

Your ovaries start to produce less oestrogen when you go through the menopause, and this oestrogen deficit causes certain symptoms in the body, such as low mood or anxiety, hot flushes, difficulty sleeping, vaginal dryness and discomfort during sex, night sweats and a reduced sex drive.

Some women can find these symptoms uncomfortable, and the oestrogen in combined HRT helps to regulate them. It compensates for the lack of natural oestrogen in the body.

On its own though, oestrogen can cause the womb to keep growing, and if there’s nothing to keep it under control, this may trigger endometrial cancer. The role of the progesterone in Evorel Conti is to stop the womb lining from getting too thick, and so reduce this cancer risk.

To sum up: they’re a pretty awesome team.

Because Evorel Conti is a continuous combined treatment, the two hormones in it are spread evenly, and are slowly released from the patch into the body all the time.

One more thing. The oestrogen in combined HRT products like Evorel Conti is a secondary treatment for osteoporosis, and it can significantly reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis.[2] The drop in oestrogen levels in the body during the menopause can also make the bones thinner, and more likely to break. The oestrogen in Evorel Conti makes up the deficit, and helps to stop the condition from developing. 

Evorel Conti patches: what dosage strengths are available?

Evorel Conti patches are available in just the one dose: 3.2mg of estradiol and 11.2mg of norethisterone.

There’s another HRT treatment made by the same manufacturer, Janssen, called Evorel Sequi, but this is a sequential or (cyclical) treatment, rather than a continuous combined product. So it’s more suitable for women who are still having irregular periods, as opposed to women who haven’t had a period for 18 months. It contains an additional patch which has 3.2mg of estradiol in it.

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What you need to know about Evorel Conti

Are Evorel Conti patches the right option for me?

If you haven’t had a period for at least 18 months, Evorel Conti patches may be a suitable HRT treatment for you. Like any other form of HRT though, the patches can have side effects, and if you have certain health conditions, they may not be the right product for you either. Our clinician can advise you on whether they’re a safe and appropriate option for you as part of your EveAdam consultation.

It may be that you’d rather take a tablet than use patches. In which case, combined continuous treatments such as Indivina are oral alternatives to Evorel Conti patches.

If you’ve had a total hysterectomy (where the whole womb including the cervix has been removed) oestrogen only HRT products like Estradot patches and Elleste Solo tend to be the recommended treatments.

And if you’re getting menopausal symptoms but are still having your period, sequential (or cyclical) HRT like Evorel Sequi patches or Elleste Duet are usually the way to go.

HRT products can also vary from one to the next in terms of the quantity of hormones in them, so your body’s sensitivity to hormone levels can be a significant factor in which specific treatments are the right ones for you.

Evorel Conti patches: is there availability over the counter?

Can I buy Evorel Conti patches online?

How to use Evorel Conti patches

You should always use Evorel Conti patches as directed by your clinician. Your prescriber will look to treat your symptoms starting with the lowest possible dose for the shortest period of time.

If you haven’t been using another form of HRT, you can start using the patches at any time.

If you are using another type of HRT, the day that you start using Evorel Conti patches is dependent on what specific HRT you’re using. If you’re unsure about this, speak to your clinician.

If you’re switching to Evorel Conti patches from a HRT treatment that gives you a withdrawal bleed, put an Evorel Conti patch on at the end of a treatment cycle, or 1 week after you finish using a HRT product.

The patches need to be changed twice a week to ensure that your body gets a consistent amount of hormones. Each patch is made up of enough hormones to last for several days.

Change your patch on the same two days every week. So one patch will be on for three days and the next on for four days. So if you apply your first patch on a Monday, apply a new patch on Thursday and then another patch on the following Monday. And so on.

You should start a new pack of Evorel Conti immediately after finishing one, without taking any breaks between patches.

There are combinations of different days written on the pack, and you can mark them on the pack to help you remember.

Apply the patch to a hairless area of skin below the waist. The majority of women choose to wear the patch on the thigh or bottom.

You should not:

  • stick the patch on or near your breasts
  • apply it over cuts, spots or wherever there is irritated skin
  • use cream, moisturiser or talcum powder before applying the patch
  • stick the patch on the same area of skin twice in a row
  • put the patch under elasticated areas or a tight waistband

The patch can be worn beneath loose clothing. Apply it to clean, dry, cool skin immediately after opening the protective pouch. You should not use a patch if its protective pouch is already open.

Using the notches as a guide, tear along two edges of the pouch, and remove the patch.

With the protective backing pointing towards you, bend and peel off half of it. Avoid touching the sticky side, as it may not stick properly if you do.

Apply the open half of the patch to your skin. Then remove the backing that remains and press down the rest of the patch. Press the patch with your palm to ensure it’s firmly stuck down.

To remove the patch, peel an edge of the patch away from the skin smoothly. Fold the patch in half, so that the sticky side sticks to itself.

Dispose of the patch in household waste, out of the reach of children and pets. Avoid flushing used patches down the toilet.

You may find that some glue from the patch remains on your skin having removed it. You can use baby oil to get rid of this.

What if I forget to change the Evorel Conti patch?

If the Evorel Conti patch falls off, what should I do?

What are the most common side effects with Evorel Conti patches?

The most common side effect with Evorel Conti patches is irritated, itchy red skin and a rash where the patch is applied.

Other common side effects include: headache, an allergic reaction (or hypersensitivity), flushing, difficulty sleeping, feeling depressed, nervous or anxious, painful periods, vaginal discharge, palpitations, varicose veins, reddening of the skin, pain in the breasts, numb or tingling hands or feet, nausea, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, back or joint pain, irregular, heavy or extensive bleeding from the vagina (including after sex), water retention or build up of fluid under the skin (oedema) tiredness and weight gain.

If you experience any of these side effects, you should let your clinician know.

Can Evorel Conti patches cause hair loss?

Do Evorel Conti patches lead to weight loss?

What are the alternatives to Evorel Conti patches if I can’t use them?

Our clinician can guide you through alternative HRT options during your consultation, if Evorel Conti patches aren’t suitable for you.

Making changes to your lifestyle may also help to treat your menopausal symptoms:

  • Maintain a healthy diet. A balanced diet can help to prevent you from putting on weight, and ensure that your bones remain healthy
  • Exercise regularly. Physical activity can cut down the number of hot flushes you experience, and boost your sleeping patterns. Exercise can also improve your mood if you’re feeling anxious, irritable or depressed. Weight-bearing activities are particularly good for keeping your bones strong
  • Keep your temperature down at night. Wearing loose-fitting clothes and making sure that your bedroom is well-ventilated can help if you get night sweats or hot flushes
  • Restrict your intake of caffeine, spicy food and alcohol, which can all trigger hot flushes
  • If you experience any vaginal dryness, vaginal moisturiser or lubricant can help

Can I switch from Evorel Conti patches to a different treatment?

Evorel Conti SAFETY INFO

You should make sure that you read the patient information leaflet that comes with your treatment before using Evorel Conti patches. 

If you’re uncertain about anything, or have any questions, let our prescriber know via your EveAdam account. They should be able to help. 

Can Evorel Conti patches cause interactions with other medications?

Evorel Conti patches can interact with other treatments, and this may trigger some bleeding, like a period, unexpectedly. Other medicines can also compromise its effectiveness.

You should make our clinician aware of any other medications you’ve recently taken, or are currently taking, during your EveAdam consultation.

Are Evorel Conti patches a suitable treatment option for all women?


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