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Evorel sequi ®

Evorel Sequi patches are an easy to use hormone replacement therapy (HRT) that contain two types of patches. With its memory pack system, you need never forget to swap patches again.

Treatments from only £15.55 per month

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The most important part of using hormone replacement therapies is to avoid any gaps. Buying Evorel Sequi patches online from EveAdam means you need never run out again, with your treatment arriving every month. So no more queues at the pharmacy for your prescription, or trying to get through to reception at the doctor’s surgery.

What is Evorel Sequi and what does it treat?

It’s a mixture of two hormones. But more on that later. Evorel HRT Sequi patches are a prescription treatment for women going through the menopause. A hormone replacement therapy, it treats symptoms that occur during what some people call “the change” by, you’ve guessed it, replacing hormones. Evorel patches are placed on the skin for a set number of days, before being replaced with a new one, just like a stop smoking patch … only it weans you back on, not off.

Can I buy Evorel Sequi patches over the counter?

No, you’ll need a prescription to get Evorel HRT patches in the UK. HRT treatments can have side effects, and certain products may not be suitable for you if you have an existing health condition, or if you’re currently taking other medications, for example. So you’ll need to have a consultation with a clinician first to assess if Evorel Sequi is safe for you to use.

Why should I buy Everol Sequi patches online?

There are a few advantages to buying Evorel Sequi online. Firstly, it’s convenient. All you need to do is fill in our online questionnaire and one of our UK registered clinicians will offer the most suitable treatments for your symptoms and condition. The subscription service means your treatment is sent monthly or every three, six or nine months. Your first package is sent to your door the next working day, in discreet packaging.

And that’s it.

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What you need to know about Evorel Sequi patches

What is the menopause? And does Evorel Sequi treat any other conditions?

To put it in basic terms, the menopause describes hormonal changes in the body that lead to the end of your period and your ability to become pregnant naturally. This usually happens between your mid 40s and mid 50s, but can occur earlier in some women.

The menopause can have a major impact on your life, both physically and psychologically, so having the option of a treatment like HRT can be life changing.[1]

Symptoms of the menopause include: hot flushes, mood changes, an inability to concentrate, poor memory, vaginal dryness, insomnia, night sweats and a significant drop in sexual desire. These symptoms can build slowly, in some cases lasting several years before your period stops completely.

Evorel Sequi patches can also be used to prevent osteoporosis, a bone condition that often occurs in menopause and leads to brittle or deformed bones.

Evorel Sequi ingredients

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What size are the Evorel Sequi patches?

Can I buy Evorel Sequi patches online?

Where to put Evorel Sequi patches

There isn’t a best place specifically to put an Evorel patch, and it’s important to not use the same area of skin for consecutive patches. It should be placed on a hairless part of the body, below the waistline. Usually, this means on the top of the leg or buttocks.

It should never be placed on the breasts or over broken skin. It’s also important to not place it over an area that you’ve applied cream or talc to and never under an area where you might wear elastic, such as the waist.

When should I start to use the Evorel Sequi patch?

When to use each Evorel Sequi patch

When should I change the Evorel Sequi patch?

How to change the Evorel Sequi patch

What if the patch falls off?

What should I do if I forget to change the patch?

What are the most common side effects for Evorel Sequi patches?

The most common side effect is a rash where the patch has been placed, and this affects around one in ten women.

Other common side effects (affecting less than one in ten patients) include depression, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, an upset stomach, aches and pains, weight gain, heavy or painful periods and water retention.

Everol Sequi patch and weight loss

When should I see a doctor?

Evorel and allergic reactions

Evorel Conti

Evorel Conti patches form part of the treatment with Evorel Sequi. But they’re also used as a standalone treatment for women who no longer have their period, as opposed to Sequi, which is used during the perimenopause (as you’re going through the hormonal changes).

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Evorel Sequi SAFETY INFO

Before using Evorel Sequi, you should always make sure that you read the patient information leaflet that comes with your treatment.

If anything is unclear, or if you have any questions, let our clinician know via your EveAdam account. They should be able to help. 

When you should avoid using Evorel Sequi

There are some treatments that might make use of Evorel Sequi unsuitable, so it’s important to tell your prescribing clinician about any conditions you have or are prone to.

You should not use Evorel Sequi if you experience any of the following: allergies to any of its ingredients, breast cancer, any cancers made worse by use of the hormones it contains, endometrial hyperplasia, unexplained vaginal bleeding, blood clots, blocked arteries or porphyria.

Everol Sequi and other treatments


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