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Stopping smoking is not easy, but it’s something people do in their millions every year around the world. So whenever you think it’s not possible, just remember, it’s now easier than ever with the aids and treatments available.

Buy stop smoking treatments online and start your new life as a non-smoker.

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You don’t even need to leave your house to get the best smoking cessation treatments. EveAdam offers a service where even prescription medications are available from our UK registered clinicians. Simply fill in the online questionnaire and our prescriber can offer the best options for you, with next working day deliveries available. Repeat prescriptions are then sent at a time frame to suit you.

What are the best ways to stop smoking?

There are many ways to stop smoking, so it’s more a matter of finding the right one for you. Many statistics show that you’re more likely to quit with the help of stop smoking aids and treatments,[1] but with so many available, finding the right one might take a little time. Some of the most popular include medications and nicotine withdrawal products.

What are the best medications to use for quitting smoking?

The two main stop smoking medications are Zyban and Champix, both of which have been extremely helpful for many, now, non-smokers. As with any method of stopping smoking, it does require some willpower and patience, even when the cravings have been minimised with either of these treatments.

The benefits of stopping smoking

Stopping smoking can have a profound effect on your health and your bank balance (in a good way). It significantly reduces the risk of various cancers and cardiovascular diseases. But even this is just scratching the surface regarding the health risks associated with smoking. In fact, there’s barely a part of the body that isn’t affected by smoking.

How convenient is buying stop smoking treatments online?

Some stop smoking treatments are available over the counter, but for people that need a prescription, this means booking an appointment at your GP, going to the surgery, and queuing at the pharmacy for the treatment. By buying stop smoking treatments online from EveAdam, you can avoid all of this by simply filling in the online questionnaire and choosing from our prescriber’s recommended treatments . All our clinicians and pharmacists are UK registered.

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We offer 2 Stop smoking options.

stop smoking


Stop smoking tablet. 12 week course.

Bupropion hydrochloride


Stop smoking tablet. 9 week course.

Stop smoking treatments can cause side effects.

What you need to know about stopping smoking

How smoking damages your health

According to the NHS website, smoking increases your risk of various cancers, including cancers of the throat, mouth, liver, lungs, stomach and pancreas.[2] And this is just a fraction of the cancers associated with it. Heart disease, strokes, various vascular diseases, COPD, pneumonia and impotence in men can all be caused by smoking too.

It’s not just your own health as a smoker that’s at risk. Passive smoking (breathing in the smoke of other peoples’ tobacco) increases the possibility of all the conditions listed above occurring by as much as a quarter, with the very young at particular risk.

What happens when you quit smoking

The quit smoking timeline

How to quit smoking

Quitting smoking cold turkey

Treatments to help you stop smoking

How do stop smoking tablets like Champix and Zyban work?

Stop smoking aids

Stop smoking hypnotherapy

Getting help to stop smoking

Tips to quit smoking


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