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Bupropion hydrochloride


Quitting smoking is one of the most important decisions you can make in your life and with support, it can be one of your biggest achievements as well.

You can buy Zyban online, which has helped many smokers to quit.

Courses from only £15.00 per week

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Why should I use Zyban stop smoking tablets?

The clue is in the headline. Zyban can really help you to stop smoking. 

There are many ways to stop smoking, and many treatments and aids to help you achieve that goal, but if you’ve tried cold turkey, or would prefer not to use this method, Zyban is among the most effective options.[1]

Alongside wanting to no longer be a smoker, a little willpower and getting some emotional support, Zyban might be the reason you kick the habit.

Can I buy Zyban online without a prescription?

You can’t buy Zyban over the counter in the UK, but you can buy it from registered pharmacies online, like ourselves, with a prescription.

As Zyban was originally manufactured as an antidepressant, it can cause side effects and its use might need to be monitored. There are stop smoking aids that are available to buy over the counter, but these work in a different way to Zyban.

When you subscribe to EveAdam, you can set up your own delivery schedule for your treatment. In the case of Zyban, you’ll get your starter pack, followed by the continuation pack, automatically.

Our UK registered clinicians can provide prescription treatments that are delivered to you the next working day in discreet packaging. That means no doctor appointments, pharmacies or delays, just the treatments you need straight to your door.

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What you need to know about Zyban tablets

What is Zyban?

Zyban is a medication that was originally developed to treat depression, but it was soon found to be effective for helping to stop smoking. Alongside motivational support and your own willpower, it can make all the difference for many smokers who are trying to quit, and make major improvements to their health.

Is Zyban an antidepressant?

What’s the difference between Bupropion and Zyban?

Zyban dosages and how to use them

How to buy Zyban safely from a UK pharmacy

How Zyban works

It’s not fully understood how Zyban works, but it’s likely that it works on the part of the brain that is affected by addictive behaviour. By reducing the cravings associated with smoking cessation, this can help make the process that much easier. Using Zyban to quit smoking might not be suitable for everyone, but it can be of great benefit for many smokers who are struggling to quit.

How to take Zyban tablets

Taking Zyban and smoking

What should I do if I miss a dose?

Taking too much Zyban

Stopping taking Zyban

What are the most common side effects of Zyban?

The most common side effect from Zyban is insomnia, which occurs in more than one in 10 users. This is why it’s recommended that you don’t take it before bed. Other, slightly less common side effects include: problems concentrating, mood changes, anxiety, tremors, nausea, headaches, digestive issues and a dry mouth.

Is Zyban safe?

Does Zyban trigger allergic reactions?

Can Zyban cause depression?

Zyban and weight loss

Zyban or Champix?

The two most commonly used prescription treatments for stopping smoking are Champix and Zyban. Although both essentially help reduce the cravings associated with quitting smoking, they work in different ways. Zyban, as previously mentioned, is likely to work by affecting the part of the brain that’s related to addiction. Champix instead blocks how nicotine interacts with the receptors in the brain. Two different mechanisms, but with similar results, at least in the long term.[3]

That’s not to say that they work the same for everyone. Finding the right treatment is specific to the individual, so there’s no one size fits all.

Over the counter stop smoking aids

Does Zyban work better than quitting cold turkey?

Stop smoking support


You should always check the patient information leaflet that comes with your treatment and the instructions on the packaging before taking any new medication.

When is it not safe to use Zyban?

As with any medication, Zyban comes with some risks relating to pre-existing conditions or any other treatment you’re currently or have recently taken. For this reason you should tell your prescribing clinician about any of these details so they can prescribe the best treatment for you safely.

You should not take Zyban if you have any of the following health conditions: allergies to any of its ingredients, eating disorders, a history of seizures (including epilepsy), liver disease, bi-polar, brain tumours, severe hypertension, diabetes, mental health issues and a heavy intake of alcohol.

Taking Zyban with other medications


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