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Getting enough vitamin D from the sun is never an easy task in winter, which is where Osteocaps D3 comes in. Called the sunshine pill, it’s a reliable source of the vitamin when the British weather isn’t.

From only £9.99 per month

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Speaking of the weather, we like to complain about it in the UK, which is no surprise considering how overcast it is for much of the year. But a lack of sun isn’t just a bit depressing, it can have a serious effect on your health, with bone problems, such as osteoporosis, resulting in severe cases.

When you subscribe to EveAdam, you can get your sunshine pill delivered as and when you need it, which is one less thing to remember. It can be delivered every month or every three months (the choice is yours) with the first delivery arriving the next working day.

Once you’ve filled in our questionnaire, our clinician can advise you on suitable supplements for you. Select your vitamin D and we’ll do the rest.

What exactly are Osteocaps D3 capsules?

The short answer is vitamin D, and lots of it. Each capsule contains enough to keep vitamin D deficiency from developing, with the stronger dosages treating severe conditions, such as bone deformities in osteoporosis. Vitamin D is a vital substance for your health, maintaining healthy muscles, teeth and, most important for such treatments, your bones.

Vitamin D can't always be bought over the counter

It’s just a vitamin right? Why can’t you buy it over the counter? Well you can, but not always. As a supplement, vitamin D can be bought over the counter from your local pharmacy or even supermarket. These relatively low dosage products are easily processed by the body and there are very little risks associated with taking them.

The stronger doses of vitamin D though, such as Osteocaps D3 20,000 unit capsules, should only be taken for a specific period of time.

What are Osteocaps used for?

There are two main reasons to take Osteocaps: to treat a severe deficiency and to prevent one from occurring. In fact, you need not have severely low vitamin D to experience issues. For example, levels which are just a little below what is considered healthy have been linked to fatigue, depression and muscle cramps.

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What you need to know about Osteocaps D3

Taking Osteocaps D3

Whether you’re using Osteocaps D3 as a supplement or as a treatment, it needs to be taken regularly to get its full benefits. It may take time before your levels of vitamin D become healthy if they were low when you started treatment, but all you need to do is remember to take it and, with a little patience, you should see the benefits relatively quickly.

Osteocaps uses as a treatment

Osteocaps uses as a supplement

What is colecalciferol?

Osteocaps dosages

How to get Osteocaps D3 online

How to take Osteocaps

Taking Osteocaps couldn’t be simpler. Swallow the capsule with water, preferably with a meal, in order to get the most out of the treatment. How regularly and for long you take them will depend on the reason you’re using them and should be clearly stated by your prescribing clinician.

How to take each dosage of Osteocaps D3

What should I do if I take too much?

What are the most common side effects for Osteocaps D3?

Even the most common side effects from Osteocaps, or any other vitamin D supplement, are listed as “uncommon”. This means that they occur in less than one in 100 people. The two most common include hypercalciuria (too much calcium in the urine) and hypercalcaemia (too much calcium in the blood). Symptoms of hypercalciuria include: blood in the urine, frequent urination, UTIs, pain in the sides and kidney stones.

When to see a clinician

What to look out for with allergic reactions to Osteocaps

Osteocaps and dietary restrictions

Dietary restrictions may make vitamin D products unsuitable for some people. For example, some capsules might not be gluten free, while others are not halal or kosher. If you have dietary restrictions, speak to your prescribing clinician before using Osteocaps. You can also refer to the product packaging for more information.

Osteocaps capsules are gluten free and vegetarian, as well as halal.

How are vitamin D2 and D3 different?

What are the food sources of vitamin D?

Sunlight vs supplements

Safety information for Osteocaps D3

The information here is not exhaustive. You should always refer to the packaging before taking Osteocaps.

When should I avoid taking Osteocaps?

For the most part, vitamin D supplements and treatments are safe to use, with very few concerns about interactions or allergic reactions. That’s not to say that these do not happen, so it’s important to know what the risks are and what to look out for if any issues do present.

While the list is small, there are some conditions that make use of vitamin D as a supplement or treatment unsuitable. Your clinician will need to know if any of the following apply to you: sarcoidosis, kidney stones or disease, hypercalcaemia, hypercalciuria and allergies to any of the product’s ingredients.

Taking Osteocaps D3 with other medications or supplements


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