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Stexerol D3 ®

Difficult to get in winter, vitamin D is an absolute essential for maintaining health. Those of us living in dark climates know how difficult it is to get the sun on our skin for much of the year, which likely leads to vitamin D deficiencies. That’s where Stexerol D3 can help.

From only £9.99 per month

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Maintaining your levels of vitamin D is easy, as long as you remember to take it. It’s one of those habits that’s easy to form, but just as easy to lose. That’s why subscribing to EveAdam can help. Set your own delivery schedule, and get Sterexol on repeat, meaning you’ll never run out again.

You only need to fill in an online questionnaire and one of our UK registered clinicians will be able to offer you a range of prescription treatments that are suitable for you.

What is Stexerol D3 and why is it called the sunshine pill?

Stexerol D3 is a vitamin D supplement or treatment (more on the differences between those later). We usually get most of our vitamin D from the sun, but some people don’t get enough exposure to it all year round, and should take a vitamin D supplement.

So while the sun may not always shine on your skin, you can glow with its benefits from the inside.

Can I buy Stexerol D3 over the counter?

No, for Stexerol D3, all products are prescription only. The use of stronger dose tablets will also need to be monitored during treatment, which usually lasts for several weeks.

Buying vitamin D online with an EveAdam subscription, whether as a treatment or maintenance supplement, is super convenient.

What benefits does Stexerol D3 have?

As well as maintaining levels of vitamin D to prevent them from getting too low, high doses of Stexerol D3 also treat serious conditions, such as osteoporosis.

As vitamin D is needed to maintain healthy bones, muscles and teeth, severe deficiencies can cause major problems, which is why prevention is always best.

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What you need to know about Stexerol D3

What are Stexerol D3 tablets?

Stexerol D3 tablets are a vitamin D supplement and treatment. They contain a form of vitamin D that the body finds easy to process and is used to both prevent levels from dropping and to treat severe deficiencies.

So what is Stexerol used for? What does it treat?

What does Stexerol prevent?

Stexerol D3 dosages

What is ‘IU’ and what does it measure?

How can I buy Stexerol online?

Stexerol D3 and how to use it

Always follow the instructions of your pharmacist or clinician when taking Stexerol D3. This will allow you to get the most out of your treatment in the safest possible way. Tablets should be swallowed whole with water. Taking vitamin D with a meal is also recommended as the body will be able to process it more efficiently.

Dosage instructions

What should I do if I take too much Stexerol D3?

What are the most common side effects of Stexerol D3?

Stexerol has no common side effects in the medical sense as even the “most common” are categorised as “uncommon”. This means that they occur in less than 1% of patients. That is not to say there are no risks involved, so it is important that you know what to look out for before taking it. 

For full information on Stexerol D3 side effects, read the patient information leaflet that comes with your medication.

The most common side effect is hypercalciuria, which is high levels of calcium in the urine. Symptoms include frequent and painful urination, pain in the abdomen, kidney stones, bladder stones and urinary tract infections.

When should I see a clinician?

What to look out for with allergic reactions

Dietary restrictions with Stexerol D3

Supplements and medications may contain ingredients that make them unsuitable for some people. Some may contain gluten or dairy, while others are not halal, kosher or vegan. If you have dietary restrictions, tell the clinician or pharmacist.

Stexerol D3 tablets are vegetarian only. If this makes it unsuitable for you, there are many other vitamin D products to choose from.

How are vitamin D2 and D3 different?

Food sources of vitamin D

Getting vitamin D from the sun

Safety information for Stexerol D3

Before taking Stexerol, you should read the patient information leaflet that comes with your medication as the information below is not exhaustive.

Is Stexerol D3 suitable for everyone?

No. Some conditions may make the use of Stexerol unsuitable as it may worsen them. Tell your clinician if you experience any of the following: hypercalciuria and hypercalcaemia, sarcoidosis, kidney stones, kidney disease and allergies to any of the ingredients in Stexerol.

Taking Stexerol D3 with other medications


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